When rendering legal services to its clients, LIG focuses its activity primarily on key court (arbitration) proceedings, structuring of corporate governance (control) models to manage subsidiaries and associated companies, and provision of legal support to major realty projects.

With this regard, the primary attention is given to the protection of the state interests (those of the Russian Federation and constituent entities of the Russian Federation) due to the state holding stakes in the charter capital of LIG clients.

Selected LIG experience in projects implementation:

Development and implementation of an action plan to protect the intellectual property rights owned by a foreign company - a leader in product manufacturing with the usage of the non-refillable system;

Representation of the interests of key refining companies in ad hoc arbitrations (Stockholm and London) (disputes with the contractors under the interrelated contracts);

Due diligence of leading Russian food industry companies; development of recommendations for maximum protection of the rights and interests of the companies owners; asset management system organization;

Provision of consulting support to optimize the governance system for the state-owned companies of the Russian Federation to manage their associated companies and subsidiaries (joint-stock companies);

Provision of consulting support to the preparation for implementing one of the largest investment projects - construction of a new multifunctional complex of buildings in the historic center of Moscow; advising to the state authorities and Moscow Management bodies on the matters relating to raising of investment funds for project implementation;

Provision of legal support to the structuring of the holding company of one of the leading media groups, including the issues of organizing of activities for the managing company and efficient resources management;

Provision of legal support and consulting assistance to optimize the governance system to manage associated companies and subsidiaries (joint-stock companies); provision of comprehensive legal support in order to solve the key tasks of the largest Russian exhibition complex, in particular, establishment of a judicial protection system for the client's rights and interests, legal support to the optimization of business projects and corporate governance within the holding company;

Development of a preliminary strategy for the largest timber group of Russia in order to avoid a hostile take-over.

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